Jan’s Blog from California – MGA and MGB meets

We headed south on Thursday June 15th with a planned first night in Redding and then on to Modesto visit friends. I had some level of trepidation driving the MG (without an overdrive) on I-5 and envisioned us crawling along with massive trucks zooming past. The noise would be deafening and the entire experience would require a gritting of teeth. Not the case! We ended up averaging about 64mph. I know! That isn’t 70, but we even managed to pass some folks. We spent a delightful 2 days with our friends.

Now, I am not one to discuss the weather and I like to think I’m not one to complain about traffic and the like but, HONESTLY!!! The only word to describe the trip from Modesto to Solvang is brutal!! We were slowed down 5 or 6 times for various construction projects and once for no reason that we could see. And it was HOT!! We did drive with top up and the back window down, but neglected to bring spray bottles. At one point both of us thought, independent of each other and luckily left unvoiced, that we should just find a motel and continue the (agonizing) journey the following day. Suffice to say, we didn’t, as within 10 minutes of that mutual thought, we hit San Luis Obispo – land of cool ocean breezes. The 4 hour and 45 minute journey took us 7 hours!

The NAMGAR meet is being held at a lovely hotel within mere steps of Solvang, a community started by some Danish farmers in the 1800s. Mostly shopping is available, but the organizers have planned multiple activities. To whit:  Mexican buffet, tech sessions, John Twist’s famous Rolling Tech Session, tour of a motorcycle museum, rally, dinner at a local winery, BBQ at a local park, tour of gasoline pump museum, brewery tour and a tour of Moss Motors (whose home is a mere 35 miles away).

The car show had (I heard) 140 cars of all MG types. We have seen our Oregon friends from Columbia Gorge and ‘T’ Club and reacquainted ourselves with MG owners from other parts.

We head off tomorrow for San Diego.  We bought spray bottles.

September 25 – a tad late on my ‘blog’

The San Diego show was absolutely wonderful! Terrific home base at Paradise Point Resort/Spa which is on the water in Mission Beach. All of the organizers were friendly and I heard, more than once, ‘We’re glad you’re here!’ We went on a tour of some older sections of SD. Glen and I have been to SD many (many) times over the past 22 years as his daughter, Wendy, moved there after getting her undergraduate degree. However, we were treated to new parts of SD on this tour.

The car show was held on the water down by Seaport Village – a spectacular – venue: slightly rolling hills, cool ocean breezes, shops and restaurants close by and shade!

The trip home was rife with traumas which I shan’t go into now, suffice to say it has taken me this long to even acknowledge. We have also decided – independently – that we will not be driving a sports car south any time soon.