Past Events

We’ve been driving out cars!!!

June 24 Saturday was the Multi-Club Picnic at Richardson Park (outside of Eugene)Chip Oetting lead a WMGC tour group down the valley to join the fun. The British Car Club of Eugene specifically moved the picnic to June so as insure cooler weather. Not to be! Temps were in the 90s!!

July 4 was the parade and car show in Monmouth, mentioned and organized by Mike and Melinda Short. 8 cars were attendance and did we have a great time! Free lunch, free raffle ticket (3 – three – of us won something) and a great small town parade. Count us in for next year!!

July 27 Thursday 

Kristy Leighty organized a get together at the Oregon Garden to watch ‘Field of Dreams.’ outside! Dinner was first at the Ale House and then off to the movies! Perfect weather. We’ll do it again next year!

July 29 Saturday Melinda quickly organized a showing Safe Haven – an animal rescue facility in  6 cars were attendance.

July 30 Sunday Dallas Car Show

Always a good time. Terry and Sarah Harris took two 2nd places!

August 4 – 6 Northwest Classic Rally Jan and Glen participated and didn’t get last!

August 10 -13 Rendezvous – hosted by Club ‘T’ MG – Inn at Otter Crest

Several members attended with the big winners being Sammy and Rex with 3 (count them – 3!) trophies:

August 12 – Car show in Newport Jan and Glen and Bob and Donna Green attended NOAA’s 100 anniversary in Newport with a car show and Fish cook-off.

August 27 Sunday – Drive out to Shady Dell

Dan organized (another!) great drive out! 12 cars were attendance looking at the trains and have a picnic lunch.

September 1, 2, and 3 ABFM – PIR

41st Annual and (what we think is) the largest All British car Show west of the Mississippi. We were there with our ‘feather’ announcing us as well as more than several cars. Terry and Sarah Harris took 3rd place!

October 14 Greek Festival – Corvallis Nine intrepid folks showed up in 5 cars – 4 with their bonnets down!! – on a chilly Saturday. John and Judy Kraft led us on a terrific drive from Independence to Corvallis. We wended our way around fields and over the Buena Vista Ferry (always a delight!). The food was – well? what do you thing? – wonderful. We managed to NOT buy them out of Baklava!

September 23 and October 21 – Inter-club Bowling Tournament  We had 8 bowlers for each outing. See ‘Upcoming events’ for our turn to host. (November 18th) Despite the presence of a Club ‘T’ ringer, a great time was had by all in September. We provided out own ringer on 10/21 in the person of Chip Oetting. (‘I didnt’ know you could bowl!’ ‘I could 30 years ago!’) We all walked across the street for pizza and more camaraderie.